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Forrester Research interviewed 12 vendor and user contact center organizations who have made the move to the cloud. Based on the real-world data gathered during their research, Forrester uncovers current and trending states of the cloud contact center, and provides some surprising takeaways.

Start Your Move to the Cloud for a More Agile Contact Center

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud CCIM is in a Growth Phase - movement to public cloud (such as Amazon Web Services) and increases in scale are key indicators of the growing maturity of the model
  • Look for Benefits to Operational Agility - cloud delivery can provide an Agile platform, allowing application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals to focus on customer journeys, not technology
  • Inspect and Validate What You Expect From Your Cloud Contact Center Provider - there's benefit to having dedicated solutions achitects inspect the architecture and roadmaps of their providers, specifically concerning risk and compliance

Increase Customer Service Agility with Cloud Contact Centers

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