Cloud technology is one of the most misunderstood concepts of our time. Although delivering software as a service (SaaS) from the cloud has distinct advantages, the market is so filled with hype, it is difficult to decipher between what is myth and what is reality.

This eBook delves into the top 5 myths encountered when choosing a cloud-based contact center - Security, Availability, Scalability, Innovation, and Self-Service.

Cloud Myths vs. Realities

Key Takeaways

  • Industry insight from key industry players including Gartner,, IDC, Microsoft
  • Realities and latest trends exposed to bring clarity to your decision making process

Finding a True Cloud Contact Center

Top 5 Myths Dispelled

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"Your contact center is a mission-critical application and needs to be available when your customers want to reach you, anytime of the day or night.  If customers cannot obtain the service they need, you not only risk losing business, but gain a poor reputation."

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