Examine the call center technology landscape and gather actionable insights with CCIQ's new Executive Report on Contact Center Technology. CCIQ surveyed industry leaders and decision makers to determine their top selection criteria for new technology, performance criteria to evaluate existing technology, and priorities and timelines for the adoption of new technology solutions.

Top Selection Criteria for Contact Center Technology

Key Takeaways

  • Where the industry is placing their technology bets
  • When they plan to do it, and why
  • Actionable insights to help drive greater operational insights and higher contact center ROI

Executive Report on Contact Center Technology

CCIQ Executive Report

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"The report answers a full array of questions, including those regarding how the atmosphere is driving acceptance of and investment into certain cloud-based contact center technologies, who is responsible for leading such investments, what matters when making technology investments, what matters when evaluating technology investments, how existing and new solutions are performing against that criteria, and which types of technology solutions will represent priorities in the coming years."

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