2016 was a great year for the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market. With companies of all sizes adopting these solutions, the number of seats grew by a very strong 20.9% - a trend that is expected to continue for the next five years as premise-based environments migrate to the cloud.

In this report, DMG examines the market and business trends and challenges driving investments in cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions - increased reliability, flexibility, and security, along with globalization and the need for worldwide contact center services.

Cloud-Based Contact Center Growth Trends

Key Takeaways

  • Core cloud-based contact center infrastructure functional capabilities
  • Cloud delivery model market growth
  • Current trends in mergers and acquisitions, and what it means for you
  • How does Serenova stack up?

Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report 2016

DMG Market Report

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"The future of contact center applications is in the cloud. Chief information officers (CIOs) and business leaders are in agreement and on board with the benefits of placing their contact center infrastructure and other contact center systems in the cloud. On-premise applications are not going away, but the benefits of the cloud-based delivery model are so compelling that a company needs a good reason to justify keeping their contact center solutions in-house."

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