ContactBabel's all new 2018 Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions is the definitive analyst study of the business drivers, technology and market for cloud contact center platforms and vendors.

This report investigates the reality of implementing and using these technologies, looks at the changes seen within the industry, and offers a view of what the future holds.

Cloud Trends: Drivers, Inhibitors, Implementation, and Usage

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud Business Drivers & Inhibitors
  • Implementation & Usage
  • ROI, TCO & Pricing
  • Integration & Customization

Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Contact Babel Report

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"Cloud vendors will keep APIs up-to-date, with screen-popping into a home-grown CRM system, look-up of call recordings in a CRM system, and sending reporting and recordings to a third-party application being mentioned as some of the more frequent integrations requested. Some providers have very close relationships with specific CRM vendors, and as a general maxim, cloud-based contact center solutions can be seen to be following in the footsteps of cloud-based CRM."

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