In this research paper, No Jitter reports that the majority of enterprise contact center leaders surveyed agree in the value of moving to the cloud. With critical success factors such as TCO, reduced complexity, availability, scalability and agility in mind, this report dives into 5 key factors any organization should take into account when evaluating cloud contact center providers.

With so much as stake, the time has come for organizations of all sizes to rethink their approach to the contact center and consider a move to the cloud.

The Time Has Come to Consider a Move to the Cloud

Key Takeaways

  • Understand cloud infrastructure and its most compelling benefits 
  • Modern design & architecture attributes and API integration
  • WebRTC for multichannel support
  • Ease of migration
  • Professional services & support

The Modern Contact Center: Finding Value in Cloud-First, API-Driven Models

No Jitter Report

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"The availability of application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitates integration between the contact center platform and adjacent processes like analytics, customer relationship management, IVR, and workforce management. An API-based platform will support a variety of such integrations out of the box, but also ease custom development for integrations particular to any contact center operation."

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