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Omnichannel Accelerates Contact Center Success Metrics

As organizations increasingly focus on improving the Digital Customer Experience (DCX), one initiative that is delivering measurable success is adding omnichannel capabilities. By integrating various digital channels and the associated customer data, companies can reduce customer frustration. This is why omnichannel is so crucial for a successful DCX strategy.

Presented by Nemertes Research, this webinar covers: 

  • Companies see a 31% average improvement when they adopted omnichannel in their contact centers. Which metrics improved the most, and why? 
  • How are companies securing budget for omnichannel adoption? 
  • Why do companies with omnichannel see improvements in their agent turnover rates?
  • What are some of the key characteristics of omnichannel that can help you succeed? 
  • Analytics are key across the board for Digital Customer Experience. What role do they play in omnichannel communications and success rates? 


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Webinar Series: Looking Forward to Contact Center Success in 2019!

From everything we are hearing from our customers, customer experience has never been more important. So now is the time to establish what success for your contact center looks like. As a way to help guide you this year and next, we launched an educational webinar series called Looking Forward to Contact Center Success.

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This series will help you look forward to the inevitable changes ahead with actionable content, insights and advice from some of the industry’s thought leaders. We’ve put together this masterclass series of top-notch customer experience experts to provide perspectives on the current state of customer experience as well as trends and developments in contact center technologies and strategies.

About Our Speaker – Robin Gareiss, President and Founder of Nemertes

Robin Gareiss is president and founder of Nemertes Research, a technology advisory firm based in Mokena, Ill. Her areas of expertise include unified communications and collaboration, voice over IP, digital transformation and total cost of ownership research. For more than 25 years, Robin has advised hundreds of senior-level IT executives and analyzed their technology strategies.

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